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Last days on Sunny Coast

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It seems like we have been talking about this trip for ages. Jacob and I were meant to leave this time last year but after we found out we were pregnant I couldn’t handle the thought of being bundled up full belly like a fat sardine in a slow moving can. So we decided to put it off until the little bean had sprouted. And here we are, a week and a bit away from take-off and a year away from the beginning of our bodacious little man. A road trip without him seems so strange and I can’t wait to share all the wonders of this land with my two boys.

Jacob and I finally finished work yesterday. Our first morning without alarm, (although not that we ever need one with a bubs) and it doesn’t feel much different, maybe it will take a little time for the tension in my shoulders to release and my breath to rise and fall in synchronicity without the feeling that something is in the way. Work is something I won’t miss about the Sunshine Coast. No more customers, no more cooks, no more bosses dirty looks.

Our last week on the Sunny Coast is going to be a busy one, the house is going to be heaving. There’ll be 6 adults and 1 baby in a 2 bedroom duplex, all squished in like Christmas. We have so much to do, we have to get the van ready, the mechanical and practical side of things are up to Jacob with me being the Head Creative Director for Oscar (which is our 1983 Toyota Hiace). Lots of decorating to do in order to make the fella look a little more like home. We have a couple of concerts we’re going to as well as organising for Bodhi’s 1st birthday party. Always the way not much of anything then it all happens in one week, this week is going to fly.


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