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Sleeping under the stars in cars

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It’s a Saturday night in Redcliffe, it’s only been two days since we left and Jacob is already talking to himself. We are sitting by our van, under the awning, its our living room under the stars. We decided to park at a caravan park near a main road, to muffle the sounds of an unsettled bubba. The new sleeping arrangements are a little hard to adjust, for us all. Last night we had Bodhi sleeping in a makeshift cot in the hallway of the kitchen, safe to say he didn’t sleep that well. Poor little fella had no idea where he was, waking up to the buzz of a fridge next to his head. Jacob was worried DOCs would be on our case. But we’ve changed the sleep setting, Bodhi gets the bed and me and Jacob are in the hallway. Tonight we try snuggling together, 3 in a bed. Sounds sweet in theory, but the reality is I won’t sleep. For me to get to sleep I need to be on my tummy, hands under my pillow with my legs at 45 degree angles and if these 3 elements are altered in slightest then sleep will not come. Jacob on the other hand could sleep standing up on a peak hour train in Mumbai.


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