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A year ago

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A huge milestone for all three of us, imagining that day when life forced itself out of me. It’s the most overwhelming, heart breaking, life altering experience, a slowly growing snowball of change concluding in a catastrophic natural disaster that wipes out a village of carefree party-goers and replaces them with fearful, undulating worshippers of Mount Bossmore.   The experience of labour is without doubt the most intense, involved pain I have ever felt.   I was in labour for a looooonnnnggg 10 hours, feeling contractions for a minute, every other minute. There was no escaping it, unless of course you were smart and chose to escape it through an epidural or some sort of medication recommended by health care professionals, but being a little crazy and egotistic I wanted to see just how much the body and mind could handle without breaking. It seems quite a lot because I did survive the ordeal, although I am quite sure I went to hell stayed for a game of test cricket and returned with a barely breathing baby boy. Even though that was a year ago, I cried like the shock of seeing my blue boy’s face. I felt lost as I did when they rushed him away, I hurt like the needles pushed into his feet, ankles, hands the minutes he was breathing. People say you don’t remember the pain, otherwise you would never go back for a second. I think you do. I want to remember the pain, because through it all we found you. Happy Birthday Bodhi, you crazy kid. I love you more than the moon, the stars, the earth and the sun, I love you more than anything, or anyone.


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