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Attacked by Rainbow Lorikeets

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Attacked by Lorikeets

Attacked by Lorikeets

Kanga Country

Kanga Country

We’d given ourselves a couple of days at Redcliff as a trial run so we could check if we had any issues with the van or otherwise, maybe also see if we could actually do this. So many nomads we have met have told us we are crazy doing this with a one year old, and yes we probably are. We got rid of a lot of extra baggage, not Bodhi, but just his toys, who needs plastic when you have dirt and sand and twigs at every fingertip. After all our goodbyes we finally set off, for real this time on Bodhi’s first birthday, a nice thing to tell him when he’s older but really it worked out that way because Jacob and I went and saw Tool in Brisbane the night before, so not completely for sentimental reasons.

Our first stop took us to the not so distant north shores of Noosa but as we drove onto the barge to cross the river, it felt worlds away. The campsite was right next to the beach, kangaroos greeted us on our arrival and a couple of ducks wandered over at tea time to check what was on the menu and decided to stay. We had the afternoon to play but then, our biggest fears, the rain. Bodhi goes to bed at sundown so today not so much of a problem but it’s the morning mud baths you don’t look forward to. The whole bed-bath routine is pretty much out the window, we shower when we can, together or not at all. Our budget is far from five star so we have to do a lot of free camping which is side of the road pit stops, places with no water and just random car parks. That means no showers and shitting in a hole in the ground, which once accomplished isn’t as horrible as it sounds.

The three of us all squished in, Jacob put a piece of wood between the bed and the door so we could extend the width of the bed by about 10cm which is great but we haven’t found a pillow that fits properly so it means that Jacob (definitely not me) has to sleep on a bit of wood.

In the morning the kangas were back, along with the ducks and this time a few cheeky rainbow lorikeets performing tricks on our canopy for a few crumbs. Word to the wise, DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS, they turn feral! Beady evil eyes and pin sharp claws came flying from every angle, like a scene from a Bruce Lee movie I was karate chopping the air. Jacob had two birds on his shoulders and one on his head, I had one on my back and one made a landing on Bodhi’s head. We ran off into the day screaming with beautiful parrots clawing at us from behind.


One thought on “Attacked by Rainbow Lorikeets

  1. haha! laughed so hard at this!


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