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Under the shade of a Casuarina Tree, baby, Dingo and me.


Lord Bodes issuing the daily orders

Lord Bodes issuing the daily orders

Jake’s yet to catch a fish. He’s worried about his masculinity, being the provider and all, but his fire building skills definitely make up for it, not that we have anything to cook on it though. We decided to move to calmer waters,less sand and more fish. He’s been out there all afternoon, determined to bring home something to feed this angry mob, or maybe he’s just trying to avoid this angry mob? Anyway while he’s away staring at the gorgeous waters of the Fraser Coast, I’m left to deal with the wrath that is Lord Bodestar on a rainy day. As cute as he can be one minute, the wee thing can turn, sharp like a Tassie devil and take your finger right off. There’s only so many utensils I can throw at the animal to tame him before he remembers he’s starving. I’ve got sausages on the gas cooker hissing and spitting away trying to turn them with one hand, while trying to occupy Bodhi on the bed gnarling at the other. Dinner cremated we take refuge in a break from the rain and sit outside to devour our supper. Bodhi points to the tree line about 10 metres away and smiles, I look up to see a pack of wild dingos drooling, I’m not sure but baby or sausage could be their favourite food. Not sticking around to find out I scoop up both, jump into the van and close the door. We watch as they pass and harass the other camps. Jacob comes home, that illustrious fish still too slippery.


3 thoughts on “Under the shade of a Casuarina Tree, baby, Dingo and me.

  1. Great writing Gemma! I would do what Bohdi in his jedi suit says!


  2. I saw a bear stand waste deep in a river with its mouth open and a fish jumped straight into it! Try that jake, tie a coupla prawns to your head and stand in the water with your mouth open and just wait.. How could it possibly fail!?? Here fishy fishy 🙂


  3. Being attacked by rainbow lorrikeets is kinda funny. But dingos, um not so funny! Really enjoying your blog Gem. xoxo


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