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Jacob catches a fish!


After the doldrums of Dululu, Emu Park was the good witch of the North. A perfect secluded spot overlooking a bay of islands with a ship that sang with the changing of the winds. The front office of the caravan park sold local honey, a pie van delivered lunch and a fortune teller sat outside her wagon at site 66. Days are spent on the sand, the only 2 and a half people on the beach. That night Jacob trudges off to the beach his miners torch on his head and his plastic bag full of worms. It’s been over a week now and the promise of a healthy dose of omega-3 seems glim, we may need to supplement.

Hours later, already assuming the worst I snuggle down in bed with my book, as I’m about to turn the book light off, one flashes me in the face through the window. An ecstatic Jake urges me out in the cold, proudly opens the 5l esky where 6 gutted and scaled fish look up at me. They look different to the ones in the shops, these ones had personality. I try not to think too much about the hook and line or the fish friends and family, but more on the feeding of mine. Jacob is so excited he prepares all the fish in individual aluminium pockets, each with a different seasoning to be grilled on the BBQ with some thinly sliced potatoes and mayonnaise. Homemade fish an chips on the beach, can you get any better…

The next day maybe in celebration of Jake’s first fish, the band starts up in the park, markets are in full country swing. Emu Park is performing. It’s a glorious day, cotton candy clouds puff at the edges of the islands like the hair on a mad professor. The sea sparkles crystal. The band plays on, Bodhi rides a pony and Ed’s cinnamon sweet donuts fill the air and my belly.


3 thoughts on “Jacob catches a fish!

  1. Hahaha, Must be room for me in there, cooking up fish in different spices like that! Awesome adventures, love your writing Gemma! Nice swag of whiting Jake!


  2. I adore this post!!! xx


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