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From there to here

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“From there to here,
from here to there,
funny things
are everywhere”
– Dr Seuss


People use any junk they can find as their letterboxes, old microwaves and clothes dryers, boat engines, car trailers and giant fish lures. Some of them are almost the size of a one bedroom apartment in Osaka, Japan. I’m not sure just how big the mail is that these people are getting but I imagine the postie has a tough time delivering all those oversized cheques.

Some days we just drive on by. Through endless fields of cane soon to be hauled. Through forests of pine so perfectly straight. Through towns that haven’t moved since the gold rush. Through rocky coastal outcrops. Reception comes and goes, half the time we don’t know what day it is or where we were yesterday. I can hear Bodhi having a shower with Jacob, the hardest part of the day. It comes around so quick. We spent the last few days in a schizophrenic Airlie Beach, that girl just couldn’t make up her mind whether she was sunshine or rain. A beautiful but psycho beach. She was a starlet who wept postcard pictures. Fanning herself in the mid winter heat. We lapped it up, sipping longnecks by the waterfront as that sun, he went down.

We found coconuts on the beach and spent the most of a morning trying to get the buggers open. A labrador named Bailey opened one for me, he shredded that thing to stringy bits. Dogs are smart, some people are not. The coconuts tasted like hard work but we ate them anyway. My birthday’s coming up and I want to shower in gold bullion. Actually that would really hurt, I don’t want to have to worry about the budget so I’ve been thinking about doing a little fruit picking. Bowen is out, we drove through mango country a few weeks too soon, the tomatoes and capi’s were still ripening and a long list of backpackers were waiting. The town itself was bizarre, the streets were four-laned highways with no-one on them and the buildings and people looked like they belonged in a Norman Rockwell painting. We had planned to stay 2 weeks but scampered out of there in 24 hours.

Some places you just don’t connect with. It seems like we’re flying through the east coast, stopping for a night here, a day or two there. But we are actually loving the ride, the freedom not to be stuck in one place. We stayed in Ayr just before Townsville for a few days with family. Great to catch up, have a few laughs, some largies and go for a fish but it was also nice to climb back up in Oscar and take off. It felt strange being in a house always seeing the same four walls, nothing much changes except the channel on the tv. I thought I’d love sleeping on a normal bed rather than being squished on our fold out. But I missed the sardine can closeness and as I now sit outside the van, between a train track and a main road, surrounded by other greying nomads this, strangely feels like home.

Loving the ride

Loving the ride


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