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Stormy sugarcane. On our way to Wallaman Falls

Stormy sugarcane. On our way to Wallaman Falls

We went to see Australia’s longest sheer drop waterfall today, Wallaman Falls. Oscar struggled 20km/h up more winding rainforest mountain. We got there to find the whole thing covered in a thick woollen scarf fog obscuring any view of water falling. We could hear it though and through a slight break in cloud we could just get a glimpse of a different shade of white rushing down the mountain face. We cooked lunch in our van in the carpark. It’s the end of the week for us before payday so everything’s gone but the staples. We eat rice and soy sauce until tomorrow.

Last night we stayed at a caravan park on the beach right next to a pub. We try and restrict the booze to a few beers a week otherwise the budget’s blown. But we got a cheap bottle of red wine that tasted better than expected. We sat outside in the kind of wind that uproots trees, ate the last few slices of some extra tasty and saw meteorites fall to earth. It was the closest, longest shooting star I’ve ever seen. It was jump out of your chair amazing. But as each day changes so does the view.

Tonight we’re not sitting amongst the stars, we’re next to a rubbish dump and a highway, the only free spot for kilometres. I’d say the worst spot so far. Everything looks contaminated in some sort of animal or human faeces. Not the best place for little bubs that crawl. Please morning, come soon.


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