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Follow our family of Cunning(ham) Foxes on our turbulent travels around Oz


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I got woken up this morning with a sloppy open mouthed kiss covering my nose and Bodhi’s chubby smile. Today’s a good day. We got out of that dump as soon as we could. The sun had only just woke up and we were already doing 100 down the Bruce Highway. We went to the TYTO Wetlands in Ingham. While most people were pouring their kettles we walked around the wetlands watching agile Wallabies and Crimson Finches, Jabirus and Lemon-bellied Flycatchers. The walk was about 4km around a pond filled with water lillies in full bloom. Birdwatchers paradise.

We wandered around Ingham which has a strong Italian culture, though why Italians would have immigrated to Ingham I’m not sure? We had coffee and some antipasti at a deli. I saw an Eastern Grass Owl in low flight outside the Art Gallery. It looked through me. Eerily, like it knew me. Maybe it was my grandmother or maybe it was just after something behind me.

We’re getting closer to Cairns. There was a beautiful swimming hole in Cardwell that had Bullrout fish in it, Stone fish’s uglier cousin. I swam for a second before I got too scared of my own shadow and had to get out. Bodhi is loving everyday, his new word is WoW. Everytime a truck goes past or he sees a butterfly or a bull ant or a great big conifer tree he says WoW. Tonight’s free rest area is an improvement on the last, only a few green ants to fight with, but lush grass, space for Bodes to crawl and a thumbnail moon to simmer under. A few snags and some taties for dinner with mosquito compote for dessert. Delicious.




One thought on “WoW

  1. While you and Jacob were soaring up new heights who minded my beautiful Bodhi…its amazing to read you blog makes me feel like I’m there with you…Money is in the bank for your birthday I wish I could have given you more my love you have a wonderful day tomorrow and make sure you spend the money on yourself love to you always Ma xxxx


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