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Crazy bout Cairns



We’ve been in Cairns what seems like 2 weeks now. We’re staying with some friends who have a beach shack with 3 dogs, a cat and only 3 walls. It’s an open house, open to all. We’ve got a room to ourselves, a blow up mattress on the floor and we’re slowly moving things in from the car to the kitchen cupboard. We’re not entirely sure how long we’ll stay? A month or more? The city is sunny, the people are warm and the water in winter is safe to swim. The markets and coffee are really good and there’s plenty of parks for Bodhi to play. I got a job at a cafe 10 min down the road and Jacob’s looking at getting some dishy work and we might even put Bodhi into daycare a couple of days a week. So who knows, this month might turn into 3? 


4 thoughts on “Crazy bout Cairns

  1. Fantastic stuff! I hope in my travels I will find that perfect place that just wont let me leave so I can grow old and be happy, melting slowly into the surrounding landscape! Have fun up there guys, love yas x


  2. Haha S.Nots love hearing from you! And looking forward to reading your boating blog, though not sure you get internet out there on the high seas??


    • I have started a blog but im wondering if facebook is the go? Its free and u can uplaod vids and pics easy. I have a video thats about to be sent of my boat after a full detail so keep an eye out? 😉 Every little town in canada has wifi somewhere so i will suck the megabytes dry while sifting the hair out of my warm cup of yak piss juice.. Take care guys x


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