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Zephyr – ‘worsted fabric or the West wind’

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3 Fish out of water

3 Fish out of water

So much has happened. The comings and goings of a place standing still. Slowly becoming apart of the fabric, interwoven threads of a community. I know faces, have seen them before choosing the ripest avocados or walking their dogs at the beach down the street. Our coffee lady is happy to see us and the Banana man always gives a freebie to Master Bodes. (A letter came for him the other day titled “Master Bodhi” so he is now officially our Lord and Master) These parts of a city feel like home. And on a gorgeous day in winter sunning by the pool, I certainly could make it my home. The travel keeps getting put off, a week here, 2 or 3 more there. Another page on the calendar turns.

We’re heading up to Cooktown next week for an Acoustic Festival in the mountains. Plenty of Bluegrass banjo plucking to get our jig on. It’s been awhile since I danced in the daytime and I can’t wait. At the end of the month we are going to make our Savannah Way to Darwin. I’ve been talking about this journey for awhile but we definitely have to leave by the end of August so we miss the rainy season up North and the cyclone season in the West. So glad there’s someone forward thinking sitting beside me on this long haul otherwise I’d be headed straight into a storm.

Bodhi’s in daycare 2 days a week. We figure he sees enough of us that a little time relating with others will actually do him good. It also gives us some time together, or apart depending on the temperature of the room. Jakes got a job scrubbing dishes a few days a week working hard so I can lay in the sun. It’s not for everyone, sometimes it gets so hot that I have to jump in the pool.

My mum’s up visiting from Sydney at the moment spoiling us all especially Bodhi. I don’t think he has had quite as much sugar in his little life as he has had in this one week. Tomorrow we leave the Master with the candy Queen and head off to the Reef for some turtle spotting but first I have to drown myself in Ginger Tea or else the sea will swallow me snorkel and all.


One thought on “Zephyr – ‘worsted fabric or the West wind’

  1. ahhh sounds blissful! xxx


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