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Beans and Rice

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A few adjustments, a solar panel and a foldable table later and we’re off! It was sad to say goodbye to Cairns, it’s been good to us. It’s always the way though, you just start getting to know people and then you have to leave. Living with Aysa and Indiah has been AMAZING, ( I have to say that in case they’re reading) think they’re going to miss the Boudoir the most though, fair enough cause he kinda does make the earth revolve. We just got on first name basis with our coffee guy, Billy. He gave us a couple of farewell keep cups with his face on them, so he’s sort of travelling with us now. Every morning he wakes us with a smile. If you’re in Cairns or on your way there do your sanity a favour and have a Billy’s coffee. It’s a heart starter, instant enema and problem solver all in one small handmade ceramic cup.

Our first day back into compact living so we thought we’d take it easy and only go as far as Port Douglas an hour away on the most picturesque coastal road. A slow start to a really long way to go. We’ve done about 1/4 of Oz so far, pretty sure we’re going to make it. Maybe. Yeah we’ll make it. The bed seems a lot smaller than I remember. We had it pretty easy on our couch cushion in Machans, light switches in easy reach, inside toilets and a fridge that kept things cold. Now we have to get used to campo styles all over again, the insects, pissing outdoors and silence, lots and lots of silence. It’s now about the leaves falling and the butterflies landing and chasing the sun for our new solar panel. Jacob’s latest craze. First it was the beard oil, sourcing the base oil and mixing the right amount of jojoba, sweet almond and coconut oil. Followed with a sprig of rosemary, a hint of citrus with a low note of sandalwood. He’s become part mad scientist with a dash of amateur perfumer. He glistens in the shadow of the solar panel while his feet are blacker than the beard. He sits there perspiring undertones of cedar while calculating the Amp hours to gamma ray ratio to optimise battery power. He’s a doer.

We caught a ferry into the Daintree rainforest and up to Cape Tribulation, otherwise known as paradise. Thick jungle peaks next to more of that gorgeous clear blue sea. Is this getting boring yet? I’m not sure how much more of this I can take. We stayed one night at a campground with plenty of open space so Jacob could test out his panel. A happy camper gave us some angel heart to try, apparently when a new coconut tree starts to grow out of the shell, the cream inside the coconut solidifies and turns into a spongy fibrous centre which is called Angel Heart. The lady said she cuts them open and eats them for breakfast, for me it tasted like sunscreen. We walked a shortway from our camp down to Myall beach, beautiful, with mountains like bookends. Coral and Cassowary Plums scattered the sand. Bodhi bare bottomed scrambled out of Jacobs arms, rushing to feel the softness of the sand. He shat on the perfect white sands of paradise.

Taking this as a hint we moved on to a different campground, a cheaper one in the National park, in the thick bush with no sun and no pizza oven. Just a bunch of goannas that patrolled the grounds like bodyguards in a nightclub. Orange footed scrub fowl gathered leaves to warm their eggs that incubate in the heat of the decaying forest floor. Bandicoots scavenged for starchy leftovers late in the night. The rain came down so we headed out in the morning, sampling the tea and chocolate before the ferry crossing. We’re now pitched up at Mt Molloy for the night, a cute little town with an awesome pub, an old post office, a Cowboy Hall of Shame and Lobo Loco, a mexican cafe run buy a Polish man with a dictators moustache who made the best burger I’ve ever eaten for $7.50. All hail Mt Molloy.


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  1. Even if jesus came down (complimented jakes beard first) then buttered my bun, there is no way im paying $9 for a bacon and egg burger.. Tip jake.. Watts = volts x amps. Amps = watts/volts… 12v 12watt panel will put 1 amp per hour in your battery.. 24watt panel, 2 amps an hour…


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