skulking ground

Follow our family of Cunning(ham) Foxes on our turbulent travels around Oz


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We cruised across the Tablelands, Bodhi teething the whole way. Atherton was having a Maize festival, there would be a parade down the main street with the queen of corn crowned on Saturday, but we would miss it. It was only a short stop. Saw about 100 decorated corn cobs in a shop window. Children had dressed them up like mermaids and Ringo Starr.

We flew around country corners past historic villages, past a Bat hospital, like a bat out of hell. We had to put the little booga to bed. Finally the crying stopped and he was asleep, probably from the motion of the high speed chase, his head tilted at a right angle touching his knees. We find our spot for the night, Ravenshoe. An old steam train station converted into a few powered sites. We park next to the tracks among the relics of yester year and I’m not talking the grey nomads, more the trains and trucks that used to transport them when they were young.

Wolfman Jack was the caretaker and guardian of the fire, he sat there with mutton chops smoking his death until the final backlog broke, he let me share some space on the fire to cook my Japanese style Hotpot (Nabe) then went back to his van and listened to Billie Holiday records, leaving Jacob and I alone in the cold Tableland night with a pot of hot hot chicken, vegetable and noodle soup. If you want you should make it, it’s that good. But there’s no photos because we were sitting in the dark.

Nabe (Japanese Hotpot) Recipe

English Spinach
Mushrooms (shiitake or enoki the best but too expensive)
Chicken (thigh or boobies)
Udon noodles
Egg (optional)
Seaweed (optional)

Soup base:
Soy sauce

The soup base is all to taste, majority water just chuck all the stuff in and see what you like.


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