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Follow our family of Cunning(ham) Foxes on our turbulent travels around Oz

Road Trains make me nervous

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We turned perpendicular to the coast. Headed for sunsets. The beginning of a whole lot of nothing. After awhile your eyes get blurry from the heat, the road starts to taper at the edges like some old burnt manuscript and turns to red dust. We drive and drive through red, red dust. Road trains lugging cattle and hay and cargo speed past and I hold my breath. We stayed at the first town we came across, Mt Surprise. Surprise! There’s really no mountain. We stayed two days, maybe out of fear of never seeing another person again. We stayed under the sprinkler, had a bbq on an old rusted trike, saw emus and miniature horses in cages and played at nothing for awhile. There was a pub and a police station and a tree full of butterflies. I met a prospector under a mango tree, he was on his way to Georgetown in search of Topaz. Russell the owner was quiet and round, he walked around the park changing the sprinklers all day with his border collie Peggy. He told us that the wet season scares the tourists away but that’s when the land really comes alive. The earth is so fertile that it takes about 3 days of rain before the rebirth begins. We couldn’t really wait that long.

The roads been straight and flat for 100km’s. Eagles pick at the carcass of cows, Kangaroos, wild dogs and boars, a feast for the beautiful vultures. Dust whirlwinds dance around clusters of Bovine and Brolga’s and Emu’s play chicken. On Father’s Day I made Pancakes and coffee for breakfast and Bodhi made a painting for Jake of coral and fish with his hands and feet. Then we drove to Karumba, where outback meets the sea on the western cape of QLD. We rushed to watch the sunset on the water, huffing, sweat dripping as I ordered some beers we got a gorgeous glimpse of the creature before she slipped into the night.

Another hot cloudless day in the outback, so beautiful in fact I think we should go vote. Pre-polling at Normanton, a definite highlight of the trip so far. Which clowns mouth will I shove my balls into? Think I’d rather spend my two cents on the pluck a duck.


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