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Crocodile Vs Shark

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We went on a crocodile cruise down the Adelaide river just outside Kakadu. As soon as we hopped on the boat the crocs started surfacing. The water was sludge and impossible to see anything, until the prehistoric predators were lured out with ham hocks on a stick. They performed tricks in front of us, propelling themselves out of the water with there magnificent tales. Some of them had crooked smiles and missing limbs. They are very territorial and will fight to the death over their patch of mud. Turf wars. The Amazonian driving the boat said that they could survive quite easily after having a body part chewed off, they just slowed their heart beat down to 1 beat per minute stopping the blood flow and their natural antibodies in their blood helped in the healing. The cannibals live to about 70 years if they don’t get eaten first. The females fight to the death anything that comes near their nest, thrashing and gnashing about in the muddy water. They will even take on a shark. One croc called Thelma made front page of the NT news when she chased a Bull Shark up onto the bank of the river, stood on its head grinning for a photo before chomping down on the losers bones.


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