skulking ground

Follow our family of Cunning(ham) Foxes on our turbulent travels around Oz


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When I start to try and write about what we’ve been doing these past few days at Speargrass its hard to put it in words. It’s been days of tuning in and dropping out. Becoming a part of the landscape and free ranging our babes amongst it. It’s pretty close to a Utopia here if it weren’t for the damn flies. It’s bush living, self sustaining, satisfying.

We wake to the rooster and sleep to the sound of the trees. You can hear the call of the wind at night coming first, then you wait for it and feel it’s cool embrace. There are chickens and pigs and goats that roam. Everything we eat has been grown and picked by hand. Paw-paw, mango and coconut for breakfast with fresh goats milk yoghurt. We’ve eaten pigeon and watched as the children plucked the feathers from the birds, playing with their naked dead bodies like marionettes. We’ve learnt the names of trees and the fruits in season and was lectured by a 3 1/2 year old on the use of plastic nappies. She’s right. The energy is solar, the shower is outdoors and the toilet is a long drop with a view of the open night sky.

Nothing is wasted, hardly any products are commercially consumed. At the moment the family at Speargrass are trying to build a new communal space on the land, collecting trees and rocks and disused metal from nature and turning it into a home. I raked goats poo from the sheds while Bodhi tried to eat it. Baby goats tickled our fingertips with their teeth. Jacob mulched, chopped firewood, collected bush rocks and hunted for our food. He helped shoot and kill a beautiful big red kangaroo. It’s something he wanted to know he could do. Tried it but will never do it again. Hand on his heart they thanked him and said goodbye. I cried. Most people just eat meat not knowing where it’s come from, they would never be able to hunt a wild animal, gut it, throw the gizzards to the crows and slice the skin from it’s warm still twitching muscles. I’d never tried kangaroo before, and I certainly couldn’t do all that, but I tried it, and will never do it again.

There’s no tv, no reception and we didn’t take any photos, wanted to keep something sacred. But if you do want to have a bit more of a look, maybe do some work for accommodation, they have a website which they will never reply to because they don’t have the internet.


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