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Follow our family of Cunning(ham) Foxes on our turbulent travels around Oz

Reapers Ride

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I pulled out in front of him on a blind corner doing 40 km in an 80 zone, the lead singer of Nickelback sped past us, I could feel his eyes cut through tinted glass. On the back of his black ute there was an airbrushed zombie woman in chains, her green flesh falling with the words ‘Reapers Ride’, his number plate was 33EVIL. And he’s been on our tail ever since. He was there lurking on the boardwalk at the Stromatalites, feigning interest in the 350 billion year old micro-organisms. He was there at the edge of Shell Beach crunching down on the 5 metre deep cockle shells, and he was there at the Overlander Roadhouse eating a fried chicken sandwich as we pulled in for fuel. He followed us to Kalbarri National Park, didn’t pay entry and pretended to take photos of Hawks Head lookout, I’m not sure if he went right out on the ledge like we did, but I guessed so seeing as he’s not afraid of death. After two days of slow but steady pursuit the Reaper finally caught up to us. Mullet blowing in the breeze, he walked right up to us and said… “Hi.”


One thought on “Reapers Ride

  1. Is he still following you bit scary is this true???be careful if yes more photo’s please  Love heaps Ma xxxx


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