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Out of shape


I haven’t been writing much lately, I’ve been too busy knitting a techni-colour baby blanket for one of my best friends who is about to give birth. I guess it’s a representation of motherhood, out of shape, miss matched multi-coloured, bumpy patches, soft and warm.

a little out of shape

a little out of shape

There’s a few free camp spots on the way to Perth, some right on the water, no toilets just sandy soil to dig a hole. It’s been two weeks now since we’ve had a shower. Bodhi threw my brush into a bush somewhere and now I’m as matted as a pet Poolie, (ragamuffin dogs with loud bites.) We’ve washed in serene seas and some strangled by weed. We visited the limestone peaks of the Pinnacles poking through desert sand, made some wonderful friends who brewed their own wine and passata and brought plenty of both with them to share. The wine was busy, fizzing and fermenting being passed between couples from campsite to campsite. They shared everything, unloaded their stock piles, their lemon tarts and Indian spices, their Vietnamese tea and polenta. They even shared their kayak let us paddle around calm waters for the day. They live south of Perth and we promised to visit them on our way through.


2 thoughts on “Out of shape

  1. Hi Gemma darling how are you going love the rug if its for Sam she will adore it cause you knitted with your own 2 hands….how’s it all going well I hope will ring at the end of the week miss not talking every week but its my turn to ring you

    Miss Lily starts high school today, she looked so cute in her school uniform still to little to be going to high school.

    India had her 1st date on sunday a boy who went to her school, she went to bbq with him, his names Andrew and she’s very smitten

    Love to the 3 of you see you soon more photo’s please

    Did Jacob tell to you I was fb him the other day you were at work and Bodhi was asleep. I’ve watched the dvd 4 times now love it.

    Love heaps Ma xxxx


    • HAha thanks Ma for the updates. Wasn’t aware we were taking turns calling each other just thought it kind of happened. haha.. Yeah Jacob told me you were chatting. cute. Give the girls my love and speak to you soon. Bodhi is happy and loving Perth. xxx


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