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Ease up on your brakes!


holiday time

holiday time

Our last night in Perth. I’m sure I haven’t told you nearly enough about it, but we fly out for QLD tonight for a two week R&R. I finished up at the cafe on Monday, two months of clearing plates and I need a holiday! I applied for this “travel journo” job on North Stradbroke Island, it’s unpaid but basically in return for writing an article I get to go on a Women’s surf and yoga retreat for 5 days ( Awesome!! How could I say no. So all 3 of us take off tonight on the eye bleeder, we’ve rearranged our travels, criss-crossed over the country, but I think it’ll be worth it. I’ve never surfed before but have always wanted to try. First time being away from the fam for so long, but it’s going to be nice to have some space to catch my breath but it will probably be more like me holding it against the onslaught of pummelling waves.

We’ll spend two weeks on the sunny coast before heading back to Perth to finish the bottom half  of our trip. The South West coast is meant to be the best. I’m looking forward to the vineyards and more beaches but really I’m also looking forward to finding our own place, making a home, we’ve been hanging around Perth for too long now, it’s become the waiting place, but once we’re back on the road I’m sure my mind will change again. What if we’re never content to stay put and we have to tidal drift from river to reef for the rest of our days? I guess we’ll grow flippers and swim with our babies on our backs.

Silent Disco

Silent Disco

Nth Straddie

Nth Straddie


3 thoughts on “Ease up on your brakes!

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